Secrets in the Family and Relationships

Keeping secrets and not being truthful to ourselves can lead to a miserable life and an early grave. Should we or shouldn’t we keep secrets? I believe secrets should be kept in other to protect a family member/loved one or after the purchase of a $ 450 Leon Max pair of shoes…just kidding! Secrets can…

Faith (The Grace Card)

A child’s mind is like wet cement, whatever falls on it stick. Check out my other published article at the bottom of the page. Thanks

Family “The race card”

My five year old came back from camp the other day and told me that there was a girl in her class who said she didn’t like black people, and won’t be sitting by her. My daughter replied by saying it was okay because she likes her and also mentioned that God loves her regardless….

Food & Fitness

Cooking is an art that comes naturally for me. Check out ‘Mia’s Cuisine’ and learn how affordable, nourishing, and mouthwatering homemade meals can be fulfilling.
Fitness helps relieves my everyday stress and enables me to stay healthy and in shape.

Faith & Finance

As followers of Christ, what we preach must always match up to how we live including our financial life style. You might say is none of your business. But I say a healthy christian = a healthy financial habits.

Fashion, Friends & Fun

No two individual’s are the same…not even my twin boys. We differ in our likes, taste, looks etc. So why not do you by looking for the things that makes you happy and have fun appreciating the beauty of life. YOU!