Fashion, Friends & Fun


It all boils down to this! Some people are taught to be sexy, while others were born sexy. As for me, I am the later. When I think of fashion, I think about my whole outlook. From my head right down to my feet. I like my appearance to speak for itself, make a statement, or a silent whisper about me. Be it Ankara prints, jeans, dress, skirts, tights, shirts, pants and many more. I make it my business to try everything because they all fit my body type. I don’t shop based on sale or impulse, rather I shop based on what is needed at a particular time. And while you are at it, you should realize that fashion rotates more often than you think. As long as your weight doesn’t change, you can keep those suckers for as long as ten years…yes! I am speaking from experience.

I usually don’t spend much on clothing because my smaller frame allows me to fit in even $20 items, so I focused on the accessories shoes & bags there you will find my savings, retirement and insurance funds…just kidding. Or not! Truth be told, I do love shoes; who doesn’t? They are to me like what art or coin collection are to others. As a person of color, appearance means a lot. It’s left to us to set apart ourselves from the mainstream so society can come up with another way to identify us rather than pinpointing on our appearances. You’ve got questions, I got answers…so bring it!


A friend in need is a friend indeed!  I live by this saying and categorize my friends in four parts. Family friend, best friends, acquaintance, & Frenemies.

  • Family friends: Family members with special bound or those you wish were part of your family. Like Kids’ God parents, siblings, spouse you name the rest. This group of people know what you are going through before you even utter a word and you can count on them.

  • Best friends:  These are my confidant, the people I tell my most deepest, darkest secret that I withhold from family members. They can be tough, but I know they would tell me the truth because they love me. These are usually my discipleship partners, college room mates, childhood pals, God mother you complete the list. I can go for years without communicating with them, but we know we are in each others heart.

  • Acquaintances: I love this group because you bump into them once in awhile and pour your heart out to them with no strings attached. They can be very good listener and if the meeting becomes frequent, they are likely to move up to the best friend list.

  • Frenemies: This is when a good relationship has been strained due to jealousy, trust, distance, maturity or stress associated with life and family demands. These are the ones you should be on the lookout for. They come to steal, kill and destroy. They claim to be your friend for ulterior motives. They like you and what you have to offer, but easily becomes jealous when what they have to offer can never amount to what you are offering. They would try to measure up to you at every given opportunity, and if this too fails, they look for a way to revenge. They can’t fathom why you are better than them at everything. With patience, understanding, and love from your end, you can win them back to the best friend zone. In my world, everything is possible…How has your friendship life been?


Too much of anything without playing, makes Mia a not so happy gurl. I love me some fun! Whether is planning parties, worshiping, playing games, eating, partying, travelling, shopping, or just having some down time watching my Nigerian movies..I love it all! I am a socialite with a different. You would see me only at events that matters and wouldn’t sway me from my believes. My ideal fun time is travelling with my family on our yearly vacation. I plan on making it around the world some day and I intend to make each and every experience a life time memory. Life is too short to stress about the little things. 

I have been to fifteen U.S. states, and plan on going to all fifty. I wonder if that is possible when places like Alaska, Utah, Idaho etc. are not of interest. May be I can get a different perspective once I get to know you. I spent a week in Ivory Coast, Belgium, and a month in Holland. This was all before I decided to settle down, but I took this tradition along to my marital home and lucky enough for me, my husband is also a make-it-happen-guy. As a family, we have traveled to Florida, Las Vegas, Cameroon, Gibsons-Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico and some not so fancy areas. Our next stop would be either Bahamas, or Jamaica. Let me know if you have experience in any of these places so we can weigh our options. I am here to share my experiences with you and I hope you won’t be stingy with yours. Remember, sharing is caring and together we are stronger as a nation…Mia’s Nation!

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