Faith & Finance


My faith encompasses my whole human existence. We all believe in something, being it magic, idol, science, alien, ghost, voodoo, witchcraft etc. I believe in the higher power and that there is a moving force beyond our imagination and that force for me is the one and only JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross for my sins. Have you ever been without a dime? Then suddenly you realize a huge deposit has been made into your bank account with no one claiming ownership. Have you ever been told you were next in line to join your ancestors? Then all of a sudden the Almighty intervenes. That was my case!! Have you ever gotten everything you asked for? That has been my case, may be not at the time I asked, but it eventually came at the right time that God intended. I know what it means to have little and what it means to have plenty and I am content which ever direction life takes me as long as it is for his Glory.

My blessings are new every morning and by far my good days out ways my bad. Does it mean that I don’t face challenges? By no means No. But the grace of God helps me deal with it in a way that is more manageable, less stressful, and peaceful than I can ever fathom. After losing half my family members to what we call witchcraft, my only hope is knowing that my life & that of my family rest in the hands of the Lord, and no mortal, born of a woman can do anything to me if He hasn’t decreed. So, I talk, stand, walk, with my head held up high because I know he watches over me and my family. I am a work in progress and I know I am no saint, but unlike us, God sees the heart and would judge accordingly.



Failing to plan is planning to fail. As a finance minor, I learned that the rules of savings haven’t changed back 100 years ago. That is save more, spend less and there is a possibility of you being in a good place after retirement. Pay off debt, work hard and save more money rather than depending on the banks interest which will never amount to anything. Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’s, you have no clue about their financial status or the pile of debts they’re in. Be you and stay true to yourself and your finances. Make a monthly budget and stay on top of it.

Be your own bank owner where you are the saver-borrower-banker at the same time. Have a backup plan, and have things in place like retirement, education, life insurance, vacation and a rainy day fund. There is no one size fits all plan, everyone’s priority or financial situation is different and not everything is meant for everyone. Do what you can do and live life to the fullest knowing that at the end of the day you gave it your best shot and you are happy about the decisions you made. Happiness is a choice, so choose wisely!

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  1. Ahone Tati says:

    very interesting,read through sm articles.very educative as well.courage as u move ahead.


    1. Thanks my dear. Just trying to share my life experiences, and bumps that I have encountered along the way. And hopefully it helps someone. I appreciate your feedback.


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