Family “The race card”

My five year old came back from camp the other day and told me that there was a girl in her class who said she didn’t like black people, and won’t be sitting by her. My daughter replied by saying it was okay because she likes her and also mentioned that God loves her regardless. The next day, she decided to sit by daughter…I was glad her positive response touched her.

Parent’s be mindful with the type of behavior/words you exhibit in the presence of your kids. They are taking in more than they can chew and chewing more than they can swallow. What they become tomorrow is attributed to the training they receive from home. There is a lot we can do today to prepare them for tomorrow or before the world interferes. Words are like glue – once spoken can never be recalled. We can do better!

But it didn’t end there. On the last day of camp, my daughter wasn’t feeling so well, so I suggested she refrain from swimming. The little girl got mad and told my daughter she had no right to be sitting by the swimming pool while others were swimming and spat on her face. When she told us, I lamented with worries and fear of how I can protect my kids from a world with so much violence and hatred. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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