A Tell All about Our Summer Vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Oh the joy of Summer! A time for sun, beaches, shorts, tank tops, wife beaters, BBQ, flip-flops, short dresses, open toe/sling back sandals, no shirts, some shirts, short hair, long hair, no hair…and Yes! Summer vacations – far away from everyone you know or have ever known into the wilderness, mountains or an unknown destination. Road trips or somewhere familiar – to enjoy the food, company and culture of others and their way of life in this crazy world of ours. Yes! That is what I call taking a break from it all to Relax, Rewind, Refuel, and Rejuvenate only to come back to another school year of repetitious activities. I guess that is all part of living the Good Life. Is how we make time for ourselves, give ourselves a break, Restart and Reset the button so we can have a clear head, clean start and make good choices in our day-to-day lives.

At the beginning of every year, preferably January is when I book our summer vacation. This gives us time to pay in installments before travelling either in the months of July or August. Traveling with four kids can be stressful and costly especially when you have no intentions of staying with anyone. For this reason, we insist on planning ahead. You know, success in anything requires adequate preparation and in this case proves cost-effective. The cost of our trip to Mexico for an all-inclusive package for a family of six was equivalent to a 5% down payment on a $160,000 condo/townhouse. The good news is, it was way less than our trip to Cameroon. We were to depart on Tuesday at approximately 8:00 am, but things did not go as planned. While waiting to begin boarding the plane, we were told there was a hydraulic problem and thus our flight has been rescheduled. We were frustrated, disappointed and pissed, but about 30 minutes into the sad news, we decided to turn our frustration into ¨there is a reason for everything/moment, and every cloud has a silver lining¨.

We talked out our options and was willing to go with the alternate plan offered by the airline. Though we ended up having multiple transit, we had an opportunity to stop at Toronto and Mexico city which wasn´t part of the original deal. While on transit in Mexico City, we were well received by the airport staff and given preferential treatment considering we had missed our connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta due to delay in departure from Toronto. The staff were very hospitable, patient and very resourceful. Their attitude changed our perception and made us safe. This is why we travel to different places, to understand the people and learn from them and not just go with what is portrayed by the media about a certain people. Seeing is believing. They were also in awe to see young couples travelling with four kids under the age of ten.

On arrival at our destination city, Puerto Vallarta, the alluring was mind-blowing. It took our breaths away! The cleanliness, professionalism, and beauty of this touristic city made up for all the delay and shortfalls we encountered. To add, our hotel ¨Fiesta Americana¨ was the highlight and the beginning of a fun-filled seven days extravaganza. The view, the food, the people, the ocean/beaches the drinks and treats were few of the many reasons that made this place special. My daughter 7th birthday was planned and put together by the staffs of this place for no extra cost. What more could we have asked for? We were treated like royalty or one of them, made friends, family and learned some important lessons about the Mexican people.

  • All Mexican are self acclaim business people

  • They don´t like to be paid in their own currency ´Pesos.´ Instead, they prefer real money as they call it, either American or Canadian dollars.

  • They expect tips for every service they provide for you though that doesn´t hold them back to giving you their best.

I used to think Nigerians were business incline, but not as close to the Mexican people. Everybody have something to sell. Don´t get me wrong, they are real good at making crafts, but even those that aren´t would offer a service in exchange for payment.

Overall, our trip was exquisite. Except for two major dilemma we encountered. I misplaced my wedding ring while departing from Edmonton. On our way to the airport, I was about to apply lotion on my hand, so I placed it on my lap, on arrival at the airport I exited the vehicle without realizing the rings were still on my lap and that was the end of their existence. I went back and retraced my steps to no avail. So please don´t make the same mistake. Also, while flying between Mexico city and Puerto Vallarta our plane made an unprecedented drop about 1 m below the norm, which left us in terrified, clung to our seats and made confessions lol. Most screamed, while some of us proclaim the name of our Maker. ¨Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4¨. I am not one who easily get scared about anything, because I believe the Lord would always take care of His own. His words are True and Amen and our Faith in Him is what truly moves Him. I choose to remain Faithful, Hopeful, and Prayerful because God is who He says He is. He will never forsake us or live us in the middle of nowhere, and even if He does our hope should not deter or shrink because He will make away even when there seems to be no way. ¨The Lord will keep you from all harm–He will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore¨. Psalm 123:7-8.

We finally made it back to Edmonton safely and it sure feels good to be home – to have your own space and sleep on your own bed. Is always great going on trips, but it´s also important to remember that our homes are the most comfortable place/space we can ever be in, no matter how small or unpleasant that space is. I want to say I am refreshed and relaxed, but the fact that there is another project we are embarking on which involves packing, cleaning and moving into our own house makes it more work than excitement. But hey! Who´s complaining? I am grateful that the Lord has open another venture in our lives and provided us with a home of our dream with a big enough space to contain our family. When you wait on the Lord, there is no bitter sweet moment- all you will experience is a smooth-sweet transition. Wait on the Lord people! I repeat wait on the Lord!!! When you envision something, believe it and be faithful about that decision and God the giver of all things will make it a reality. Never sell yourself short, dream big and God will bring it to completion. Stay tune for more details on our dream home and how the Lord finally blessed us – so each kid can have a room of their own. Take care of yourself and each other and stay tune for some vacation pics. Enjoy!!!

NB: Although my wedding ring was no where to be found, we do have home insurance and deductibles for our jewelries should something happens. In this case, it came in handy – after all was said and done, the insurance company offer’s to pay me $1,580.00. for my lost rings. I almost screamed my lungs out because I wasn’t expecting that much due to the depreciated value after a seven year period. I could have accepted anything at this point, however, I was grateful for having insurance that can pay for my lost or damage goods. So please, don’t take this for granted, insured your valuables and the little monthly payments will come in handy someday. You might not experience what I did, but you have to safeguard yourself from the unknown. Is better to be safe than sorry!

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