About Me

Hello All, I am known as Mia. A Cameroonian by birth, a Nigerian through my paternal grandparents, an American by Naturalization, and a Canadian by marriage. Just as my roots are undefined, so are my talents. My friends and family refer to me as the missing puzzle, but I call myself “creme of the crop”. Daughter of divorced parents, stay-at-home mother of four, wife of an amazing husband, and a disciple of God.

I grew up with my Dad and step mother while my mom was residing in the same city…not by choice though. My entire childhood identity was built on secret and lies. From my ancestries, to my names, right down to the where about of my biological mother. My life has never been a bunch of roses, but being set apart from conception, guaranteed me challenging, but yet a graceful upbringing. I traveled to the states to further my high school education and later went ahead to obtain a Bachelor’s and an MBA. Though it wasn’t always greener, but the Lord saw me through. Stay tuned…


I am from a big family and the 6th of 7th children, which later changed to the last of three children, since four of my siblings are of late. When the Lord takes you to the wilderness is to perfect your faith. I have been through turmoil, tortured & tormented, but God has placed me exactly where He wants me to be – “my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.”¬† Having older siblings was the best thing I could ever asked for. As a child from a divorced home, I knew there was more to this life than the eyes could see, and I wanted to defile the odds by giving my kids what wasn’t available to me. Then and there, I knew I wanted an even bigger family. Things did not go as planned, because I learned that family differs based on geographical location. Raising a family in North America is ten times more difficult than raising a family in Africa/Cameroon. This is because we believe in the notion that “it takes a village to raise a child“, whereas in North America is any man for himself. ¬†With that in mind, that number of mine quickly reduced, but we all know how it is…man proposes, God disposes. Everything came easy for me from the pregnancies, to labor, and delivery; I have no reason to complain as compare to the difficulties others face.

I graduated in my twenties, got married the same time, & started having kids right away. During my 3rd and last pregnancy we had no clue God had an even bigger surprise and blessing for us…to my greatest dismay, I was pregnant with twin. There goes our family planning! That quickly reminded me that “The ways of God are not the ways of man” his ways are better and bigger than ours. Once again, we were blessed with twin boys and another stress free delivery, which put the number to 3 boys to a girl and there we knew something needed to be done fast.

My family is my greatest priority and I take pride in caring for them just as our Father cares for us. If you are a married parent, you are blessed! If you are a single parent, you are stronger than you know, If you are a stay-at-home-parent, you are not alone, and if you are still waiting for your blessings, is closer than you think. Never give up, never lose hope, and never stop pressing, because sooner than you know, your hands will touch the edge of His garment. Cherish what you have, be proud of the person you have become, and embrace the good as well as the bad because He cannot give you more than you can handle.